Dating gretsch country gentleman

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Dating gretsch country gentleman - andrew j west and amber stevens dating

Grestch’s earliest forays into this new generation of guitars were shaped by artist/endorser/guitar superstar Chet Atkins who had experienced some noise problems with the De Armond pickups used on his Chet Atkins Hollow Body Model 6120 and Chet Atkins Solid Body Model 6121.

It also marked the beginning of a increase in the production of the Country Gent and of Gretsch guitars in general.

The single biggest change was the decision to phase out the single cutaway construction in favor or a double cutaway design.

The Country Gentleman made this transition in late 1961.

Just look at our beautiful examples from 1959, 1960, and ’61.

By ’61, Gretsch had decided to revamp its line of electric guitars.

These serial numbers were also either 5 or 6 digit numbers, depending on the month of production.

The numbers were once again located on the back of the headstock and would have been printed in Gold, Black or White (depending on the color of the guitar).

Gretsch and Gibson were pursuing very similar design/development paths during this time period. Both companies were working steadily on what they perceived to be the next generation of electric guitars semi-solid with a much thinner body and electronics that didn’t hum.

Gibson was developing its legendary humbucking pickup, and the ES-335 – and Gretsch was working on its humbucking pickup, the Filter’Tron, and what was to become the Country Gentleman model.

The Chet Atkins Country Gentleman (the model’s official name) had at least two distinct incarnations (and several variations) during its long life span: originally as a single cutaway model and later as a double cutaway version.

The development of the original single-cutaway model probably began in late 1956/early ’57, years which saw competition in the electric guitar market really begin to escalate.

Today, even though the single-cutaway Gents are much harder to come by, the ’63 version, with stair-step tuners and “flip-up” string mutes with red felt pads, may well be the most sought-after by collectors.

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