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The mem is bent representing its humbleness and acknowledgement of Hashem.

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Shmita and shimata’s twin, Shabbos, realign our lives towards equilibrium so that we can proceed with the climb.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen explains the main causes of delay, and provides both natural and spiritual solutions The definition of love is: A pure desire by the one who loves, that his beloved will experience happiness.

When this pure desire is fulfilled, the one who loves senses a true satisfaction - one that is much stronger than the satisfaction received by his beloved.

This fascinating letter has three unique aspects to it: the additive Vav, the connective vav and the trans-formative vav- changing past tense into present and present tense into past.

The vav takes the wistful longing for opportunities missed and transforms them into future opportunities.

The first “tip” in climbing the mountain is to seek balance in thought, emotions and actions.

Being conscious and mindful that our actions and efforts are only displays of our will.When a woman is waiting, her mind understands many things that her heart can’t accept.The heart seeks a home, a warm corner, a good relationship, children, and in fact a longing to exit the soul’s bitter exile This week in Beshalach we will read about the splitting of the sea.The subtle one letter difference between these two words, shlita and shmitta is the lamed of shlita and the mem of shmita.The lamed is of a tall and proud shape, towering above all other letters.After a certain period of time (there are many different complex halachos regarding when different sales revert to their original owners) the destitute person is granted a second chance. Besides being the day designated as a “make up” day for those who missed out on the first Pesach to bring the korban Pesach (see Bamidbar 9 2-12), it is the day Amalek attacked Bnei Yisrael and it is the day on which the Mishkan Shilo was destroyed, Eli Hakohen killed and the Aron Bris Hashem taken into captivity by the Plishtim.