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Arrowhead dating - catholic dating a jewish girl

Excerpts from the book “Bare Faced Messiah”: “The Commodore was soon embroiled in another domestic drama of a different, and totally unexpected, nature.He received word from Los Angeles that his daughter Alexis was trying to make contact with him.

Hubbard tried to gain control over his 1.5th wife Sara, who was about to blow the whistle on him.

Hubbard CLEARly tried HARD to marry more often, but somehow he could not make it due to an SP in his vicinity. You most likely expected that this super, mega, giga OT and inventor of the PTS/SP-tech was able to deal with his own children and wives. There is hardly any single hint that he was insane, took drugs, lied, betrayed and harassed people or deprived them of money, time, sleep … You are a free being, you are allowed to inform yourself and you are allowed to KNOW!

Kind of Magi Cavige, who also let his wife Shelly disappear some time ago. All I am trying to achieve with this post is to summarize what was going on in LRH’s family and see if he was a better human being than us.

No argument could convince me that there is something good about such reports. The incident tells me how easy it is to manipulate people. And surely the ease to fool humans scares the shit out of me!

1st Nibs Wolf Nibs is not only the oldest, but also the most documented child.

The cult of Scientology is pretty good at repeating constantly “not a single cure” when it comes to psychiatry. Even Mary Sue, Hubbards 2.5th wife, was not declared SP.

Could it be that they are accusing others of what they are doing? Fact is: All children except Diana were or are SPs. She was offered the OT levels, but was constantly escorted by cult SP watchdogs.

Within the cult practically all information about this madman is exaggerated or invented.

This is basically achieved by using half-truths or outright lies.

3rd Alexis Poor girl, Hubbard has never acknowledged her as an offspring in his wills. In Hubbards final will he acknowledged all but Alexis (

I personally do not believe that Hubbard wrote his last will himself.

I was made to stand immediately below the “royal family” and Diana comes down and stands in front of me and reads out a list of my crimes, things like trying to take over and undermining this and that. I was so mad I nearly picked her up and threw her overboard.

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