Dating o i bottles

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Dating o i bottles

one of the classic Western (made) bottles - the famous Wormser barrel!This is the only true Western barrel bitters (or maybe used for liquor also?

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or so), black glass examples are frequently found in the West. I highly recommending visiting the museum if ever near the area.) Anyway..example was found in the West but not sure where - probably California.

It is about 9.5" tall, is a very dark olive green with an amber tone (or olive amber), has a somewhat (for the era) crudely applied "oil" finish like virtually all early (and later) Hostetter's, and a slightly indented "smooth" (non-pontiled) base with what appears to be either a small "I" or "E" in the center.

This example is essentially mint with just a bit of minor scuffing in a few places, but with no chips, cracks, dings, or other damage and the embossing is strong.

50MOULTON'S OLOROSO BITTERS / TRADE / (Pineapple motif) / MARK -These large, heavy glass and very esthetically pleasing bottles have always been a favorite of mine and this example is an very nice one indeed.

It has a moderately deep blue aqua color with fluted shoulders, neck, and lower body, stands almost 11.5" tall, with a crudely applied two-part "mineral" finish or lip. Listed as Ring & Ham M-146 these bottles were apparently from Troy, NY and features the neat, boldly embossed pineapple (all the embossing is bold for that matter).

This example (an ex-Heckler auction item) is in near perfect condition with no chips, cracks, noticeable scratches or staining; appears to have never been professionally cleaned.

There is a bit of an indentation on the lower left side (visible in photos) that resulted in some lower vertical mold seam roughness.

Bottle acquired for and pictured on the Historic Bottle Website.

0 are not particularly rare but are a big hit with collectors.

This is a comparatively "neatly" made Drake's though has some body crudeness and bubbles.

The embossing is about average with some minor weakness at the top (S. / DRAKES / 1860 / PLANTATION / X / BITTERS - This mold variation of the ubiquitous Drake's Bitters has the PATENTED / 1862 embossed totally on one (the center) roof panel on the reverse.

(If you are looking for one of these you likely know the stories better than I.) These bottles date from only 1869 according to Wichmann's great "Antique Western Bitters Bottles" book (and the Wilson's 1969 classic) who listed them as valued at "00 to 00" in the various shades of amber (the unique light citron green example was unknown at that time).