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Everything in this corner should remind you of your commitment to immersing yourself in Russian; everything you do in this corner should be in Russian!

What if you love books so much that you’re afraid you’ll buy too many for your Russian corner? Here are some ideas: All of this can be as simple as “I liked it! You can’t go to Russia right now, but why not plan a trip there anyway—using only Russian-language resources? Petersburg is a Western-designed city, constructed to look like Amsterdam, and, as such, limits the amount of culture shock a visitor from the West might experience. Petersburg has an official travel site that’s in both Russian and English, as does one of the most famous art museums in the world: the Hermitage. As a matter of fact, you can get yourself some excellent travel guides and phrasebooks about Russian from Lonely Planet.

Buy some Russian posters—either of Russian movies or of famous Russian landmarks—and hang them on your wall.

Put a desk in the same corner, add a bookshelf and put your Russian books there.

And you should do that, whether or not you’re learning in a traditional setting or independently.

If you’re just starting out, Vocabulary Stickers are a great option.

How can you completely immerse yourself in Russian without leaving your apartment?

Fear not, because we’re about to help you bring Moscow to your doorstep. How could language teachers create the conditions that allow their students to use the target language all the time?Rather, you should find a way to use the available technology to help immerse yourself more and more deeply.Take what surrounds you in English and make it surround you in Russian!Russian instructors know that Russian literature can be daunting in its original form, and many have spent time editing works so that they are accessible for learners at all levels. Some teachers require you to send micro-writings in this form. President Putin has an official Twitter account in English, but go ahead and send him a tweet in Russian. What better way to immerse yourself in Russian than to communicate with the President of Russia? Research the exchange rate and see how much you’re going to spend.Instructors at Middlebury, for example, have created this tripartite literary reading site, where the first option for each text is for early learners, the second for intermediate and the third for advanced. Maybe keeping a diary sounds a bit ambitious for a beginner, but even if you’re just getting started on your Russian studies, you can write something. The trick here is to teach yourself to think not in English and then translate into Russian, but to think and to write—and, hence, to immerse yourself—in Russian! Create a budget—Russia is more expensive than you might think. You know that in order to achieve a high level of proficiency in Russian, you need to work hard.

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