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Virtual date sex game video - Iphone 4 adult chat rooms

" - [Screen] - Goto the restroom - (Anywhere) [Screen] - Set a prank for Jessica and go back to the living room - (Right Side) [Screen] - Kiss her cheek - (Jessica Face) [Dialog] - "Can we have some drinks ?

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It`s supposed to be a gift for my girlfriend" - [Dialog] - "I have no idea, but I think it`s almost similar to your size" - [Dialog] - "Good Idea" - [Dialog] - "Nice. - [Dialog] - "Oh wow, I bet you have a beautiful voice" - [Dialog] - "Yeah, I like music, especially jazz" - [Dialog] - "Let`s go look around - [Screen] - Suggest to look around the place - (Anywhere) [Screen] - Follow Jessica - [Dialog] - "What kind of things ? It`s unique" - [Screen] - Kiss Her Lips - (Jessica`s Face) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Anywhere) [Dialog] - "Honestly I want more than just a kiss" - [Dialog] - "No, I`m just kidding. Copy the URL of the play window, to an ordinary browser window, and modify it to try different variations.Now your turn to ask" - [Dialog] - "You" - [Dialog] - "Are you a virgin ? It`s a simple question (grin)" - [Screen] - Hug and kiss her - (Jessica) [Screen] - Kiss her chest - (Jessica`s Neck) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - "If you say so" - - Location - Spa - [Dialog] - "Let`s go to the jacuzzi" - [Dialog] - "Not for me. and when say dead end, it is dead end, not even game over. There should be many more than only one path to get a specific ending.Let`s get in" - [Dialog] - "I really enjoy being with you" - [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`) [Dialog] - "Good idea" - [Dialog] - Ok - - Location - Hotel - [Screen] - Suggest to get a room - (Front Desk) [Screen] - Go to the room - (Right Wall) [Dialog] - Strip for me - [Screen] - Watch her strip - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Damn, those are nice tits" - [Dialog] - "You`re beautiful" - [Screen] - Show her the dildo - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Just play with it" - [Screen] - Watch her - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Suck me" - [Dialog] - "Suck deeper" - [Dialog] - "Could you deep throat me ? damn, that feels good" - [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica` Face) [Screen] - Cum inside her mouth - (Jessica` Face) [Dialog] - "Ohhh.. Like in real life, you should be offered to be forgiven for a single mistake.... anymay, besides these drawbacks, good graphics, and it seems a lot of possibilities ... i just thought the animations could be improved to be more fluid and realistic but they`re ok the way they are." - [Dialog] - "Oh wow, I bet you have a beautiful voice" - [Dialog] - "Yeah, I like music, especially jazz" - [Screen] - Suggest to look around the place - (Anywhere) [Screen] - Follow Jessica - (Anywhere) [Dialog] - "What kind of things ?" - [Dialog] - (Either) - [Dialog] - "Sure - [Dialog] - I like it.Let me help you to relax - [Screen] - Kiss her - (Jessica`s Face) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`s Face) [Screen] - Suggest her to relax more - (Jessica`s Face) [Dialog] - "Sure, I was thinking about the same thing" - [Screen] - Lick her nipples - (Jessica`s Breasts) [Screen] - Fuck her from behind - (Jessica`s Breasts) [Screen] - Continue to fuck her - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - Continue to fuck her - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - Cum inside her - (Jessica`s Body) [Dialog] - "Jessica, that`s one heck of a fuck" - - END - ==== As has been pointed out before, this game is insanely hard without a walkthrough. This is a very difficult game because any small error completely derails the player from attaining the goal. I can get her to consider jacuzzi, but she says no swim suit, so no way.

As an early model of the game, some of the choices aren`t intuitive because the girl`s reaction seems negative but is actually a positive. However, as a starting point for tlaero`s further adventures, it`s pretty darn good and if you get a few hints then you can have some fun with it. I enjoyed this game and got the home/studio, hotel, and spa endings. I couldn`t possibly have been successful in this game without a precise step-by-step walk-through, and, frankly, I think that it it is presumptuous and condescending that the game`s developer must assume that the player, at least an average one like myself, can devote scores of hours to experiment with combinations of phrases, even down to the annoying level of having to click the mouse in only one way, to figure the successful strategy. -------------------------- Hello Jessica, nice to meet you. Haven`t gotten to an ending yet, always get stuck in not having anywhere else to go in the city.

Let`s take this one" - [Screen] - Ask the shop assistant about a promo - (Keisha`s Face) [Dialog] - "Good deal. Thanks" - [Dialog] - Let`s go somewhere else then ?? go to the room (clik on the left on the image) Loocking this great end To get the blow job follow these steps, first say damn your hot, then can i go to the restroom, set up prank, kiss her on the cheek, get drinks, sneak in and get dildo, tell her she looks hot, i wouldnt complain if you were naked, browse alot, anwser the rest, no kissing, hit the city, go to hotel, go to pool, play game, ask what turns her on, the ones who always say yes, do you masturbate, hug and kiss her from behind, kiss chest, go to the mall, get beer, get lingerie, black ones, ask for promo to get swimsuit, go to spa, get in hot tub, i really enjoy being with you, youll drink the beers, go to hotel, get room, strip and pretty self explanatory for hotel room ending - intro, "damn you`re hot", kiss her cheek, choose to talk, talk about stuff she likes, like jazz, go to mid room with her, after she answers "well lots of stuff..." click on laptop, click arrow at the bottom of the lcd screen of the laptop for next picture, "great ass...", in the bedroom "i like it...", kiss her lips, "sorry, can`t help it...", choose beach, "gosh...", sit down, "tell me about yurself", offer to rub her back, rub ass, ask her to turn around, rub stomach, again, when you get back to her aprtment choose to go to city, wait for her to dress up, compliment her, "well, i think...", go to club, "you`re one hot babe", "great to know...", "let`s order...", drink 2x, "do you think waitress...", "cmon.

- Location - Hotel - [Screen] - Goto the swimming pool - (Left Archway) - "I will ask you a question, and you have to answer the truth. This way we can know each other better - [Dialog] - "Tell me about your parents" - [Dialog] - "That explains your exotic beauty. you...", go to hotel, get room, go to room, "do you fancy...", (smooth sailing from here) This game colud be great..too much dead ends without any good reasons.

Just show what you got" - [Dialog] - "What kind of things ?

" - [Dialog] - "Ok, sure" - [Screen] - Approach and kiss her - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Let`s go somewhere else" - [Dialog] - "Let hit the city" ??

You will play the same scenes, but each are a little different for each story arc. But she does have a naughty side, she likes to be seen as sexy, and she can be really horny if you treat her right.

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