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In doing so I do inevitably reduce the fruiting potential, too.

John grows 24 varieties and holds one of the National Collections.

These are said to be particularly tasty, with a good balance of sweet and acid, and have a less gluey texture than better-known varieties such as 'Nottingham’, which has a very open eye – site of the calyx.

It looks a little like a crown – or a dog’s bottom, according to the French.

Medlars are mostly disease-free, apart from scab occasionally.

As for varieties, I have recently ordered a cultivar known as 'Iranian Medlar’ from Keepers Nursery.

So in the UK it makes sense to give them a sheltered position so the fruit ripen well and hang on for longer.

Quince trees are usually sold grafted onto Quince rootstocks A or C.

The former get to about 16ft x 16ft (5m x 5m) while the latter are smaller, 10ft x 13ft (3m x 4m).

Quinces are also sold as cordons or trained as espaliers.

They can be baked in the oven and served with cream, though.

The spreading tree is irregularly shaped, but can be manicured to form a stunning specimen.

In my designs I often put them in large bottomless pots in small courtyards using multi-stem forms.

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